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Foreman- OSP Splicer

Los Angeles, CA
Responsibilities include:
•    Supervise all operations to ensure that all splicing operations are completed in accordance with customer and industry specifications.
•    This includes ensuring that all needed tools and equipment are available at the jobsite, working from engineered blueprints, and keeping track of production.
•    Oversee testing and troubleshooting fiber using OTDR, optical power meter, fiber identifier and scope
•    Provide OSP Engineers with detailed reports of field splicing activity
•    Review and interprets underground and aerial cable records in existing records, on maps or in the field
•    Make recommendations for changes in running fiber optic cables, or provides input into construction methodologies
•    Manage engineering, permit and construction processes
•    Ensure all work is performed to conform to quality control guidelines (includes compliance with requirements outlined in applicable regulations such as: OSHA, FCC, NESC and NEC, etc ; as well as following procedures as outlined in the Installation, Technical, Operations, and Safety Manuals, and Employee Handbook)
•    Clean, maintain, stock, and secure assigned vehicle and equipment
•    Assign other duties as needed
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