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Fiber Records Specialist

Irvine, CA
​Our client is looking for a Fiber Records Specialist to work in their Irvine, CA office.

Job Description:
  • Map opportunities/projects A LOCs & ZLOCs utilizing Lat/Long Coordinates or street addresses using QGIS and Google Earth.
  • Map existing and in-progress owned assets as a baseline.
  • Create fiber plant route feasibility: Optimized to minimize trench/bore, private property, and cost prohibitive major crossings.
  • Identify aerial, underground, leased conduit, and existing fiber and create construction footage totals of each discipline.
  • Validate that proposed routing achieves the requirements of the opportunity (i.e.. Point to point, hub and spoke, diverse, etc.)
  • Provide maps and cost estimate of compiled design as noted above.
Deliverable shall be as follows: 
  • KMZ and/or geospatial routing maps utilizing designated standard template symbols, line architecture, and layer properties.
  • Detail cost of engineering, permitting, and construction for entire opportunity/project.
    • Cost may require further breakout by cluster, by hub, and/or by site.
  • Cost and associated construction footages to be delivered in an organized and tabular format so filtering and sorting is possible.
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